Top 5 Reasons NOT to Give Payson Community Kids Your Lucky Penny

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Top 5 reasons to NOT donate to Payson Community Kids?  In case you’re not a regular follower of ours, and you don’t know how much we love Payson Community Kids, we’ll let you know straight away that this list is meant to be funny.  😉  We can’t think of anyone who deserves your lucky penny more than PCK!


May 23 is National Lucky Penny Day, and Thursday is Red Nose Day; a day set aside for fun and laughter as a means to bring awareness to, and end, child poverty.  Keeping that in mind, here’s our two cents about why you absolutely should NOT support Red Nose Day and give your lucky penny to Payson Community Kids.  🙂

It’s not good for kids to do hands on science lessons.

When we visited PCK last December, we participated in a hands on science lesson about mucus!  The kids learned about mucus’ role in keeping us healthy, what it’s made of and how much our bodies produce.  Then they got to experience “mucus” hands on!

Kids don’t need extra help with homework or reading.

Ha!  Ask any parent, exhausted after a full day, if they don’t appreciate the extra help their kids receive at PCK.  Upon arrival at the after school program, kids are given a snack, and then must complete their homework before they can do any other activities.  Wednesday has a regularly scheduled reading program while the M,T,Th,F program utilizes the online reading program RazKids.  Plus, every now and then, the Tooth Fairy stops by to read a story of her own.  🙂 

Organizations that teach children how to make homemade puppy biscuits and then donate them to the Humane Society should not be trusted.


PCK doesn’t do enough for kids.

FALSE!  You may think that all PCK does is play with kids after school and help with homework and reading.  However, according to their website, in addition to the Monday-Friday after school programs, Payson Community Kids provides the following for those who qualify:

Food:We send a food bag home containing two meals and snack every Tuesday and Thursday.
Clothing:We maintain a closet stocked with clothing such as coats, shirts, and pants h
anded out  once a month. ​
School Supplies: School supplies are provided to the families in need to help  kids start their school year.
Christmas Presents:Helping families with presents during the holidays. We also reach out to  families in the community who might need extra help during the Christmas season.​​
They also serve dinner to each child (approx. 130) Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It’s just too complicated to donate, and there’s nothing in it for me.

On the contrary, PCK is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization which means your donation is 100% tax deductible.  SO, there is something in it for you aside from the warm fuzzies you get when helping out a child.  They have made it super simple to donate: visit  to make an online donation, or checks can be mailed to: P.O. Box  1856; Payson , AZ; 85547.  Also, In-Kind Donations are greatly appreciated and can be dropped off at 213 South Colcord Rd.;  ​Payson, Arizona (behind Expedition Church at Colcord and Bonita.)

In May and June you can also support PCK by having your teeth professionally whitened through the Smiles for Life program.  This too is a simple process: make an appointment with our office; come in and have your smile whitened; make a $199 donation to Smiles for Life.  $98 goes to the Smiles for Life charity and $98 goes to Payson Community Kids.  For more information on in-office teeth whitening, click HERE.