If you have significant dental fears or anxiety, Payson Premier Dental provides oral conscious sedation. With this type of sedation, you will be awake, in control, and responsive during your treatment, but you will likely not remember any of it! We invite you to call us at 928-472-8400 to make your appointment with Dr. Kristin Wade, and to learn more about oral conscious sedation in Payson, Arizona.

When you receive oral sedation, our dentist will provide you a medication to take prior to your appointment, usually in the form of a pill. You will need to have someone available to drive you to and from your appointment, as the medication will take effect by the time you arrive for your appointment.

Benefits of conscious sedation include:

  • No needles necessary!
  • A quiet, comfortable visit
  • An FDA-approved treatment that is safe and effective
  • No anxiety or stress during your treatment
  • Helps you sit still while attaining your healthy, beautiful smile
  • Allows our dentists to deal with any issues before they become worse
  • Little to no memory of your treatment afterwards

We invite you to call or visit us today to learn more about oral conscious sedation, and to schedule your consultation with our dentist. Get the smile you have always dreamed of!