Our dentists and team are committed to making your experience as enjoyable as possible. Your comfort matters to us. Payson Premier Dental offers sedation dentistry in Payson, Arizona, to help you relax during your appointments and receive your treatments without stress, anxiety, or fear. We invite you to call us at 928-472-8400 to learn more about the benefits of sedation dentistry, and to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kristin Wade, Dr. Thomas Mattern, or Dr. Katie Egbert.

Sedation dentistry is a great choice for patients who feel nervous or anxious about visiting the dentist, or who have a difficult time sitting through their dental treatment. Sedation dentistry involves a variety of sedation medications that can help you relax during your visit. Ranging from mild, conscious sedation to heavy sedation, our dentists will help you know which form of sedation is right for you. At our office, we are pleased to offer two types of sedation:

  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas): a mild sedative that is mixed with oxygen. Patients breathe this during their treatment to feel more relaxed.
  • Oral sedation: taking a pill by mouth before your treatment to ensure that you are calm by the time you reach the dental office.

Our experienced and trained dentists and team will ensure that your entire treatment remains safe. We carefully monitor any patient who is under sedation to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that our patients remain safe. If you have chosen oral sedation, please make sure that you have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

If you have had negative dental experiences in the past or suffer from dental anxiety, our team can help you feel calm and relaxed. You deserve to feel at-ease about your dental care, and we are here to help. Sedation dentistry is also great for patients who have a hard time getting numb from traditional methods or who have a sensitive gag reflex.

Whatever your situation, our dentists and team will help you feel calm during your visit. Please contact us today for more information.