Dr. Katie Egbert offers the HealthyStart™ System to help your child breathe easily and ensure their jaws and airways grow and develop properly. When you visit Payson Premier Dental, Our caring pediatric dentist will examine their mouth, jaws and airways to determine if HealthyStart is a good option for your child. Call us today at 928-472-8400 to learn more about the HealthyStart System in Payson, Arizona, and schedule your child’s appointment.

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The HealthyStart System is an all-natural, non-surgical orthodontic treatment. It involves the use of uniquely designed oral appliances to encourage nasal breathing and discourage mouth breathing while asleep. The ultimate goal of this treatment is to help your child develop an airway that is wide open so that they can breathe easily at all times. This system works by widening the jaw and airway as well as straightening the teeth. This process enables your child to get the oxygen and deep sleep their growing body requires, and may also reduce the need for orthodontic treatment with braces or other oral appliances in the future.

The HealthyStart system is specifically designed to prevent Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) and other sleep breathing problems. Children who have wide, forward dental arches and breathe through their nose tend to sleep better and get the rest they need. This helps them perform better in school, enjoy better overall health and be better behaved overall.

We invite you to call our office for more information about the HealthyStart System and pediatric dental care and schedule your child’s initial consultation with our experienced pediatric dentist!

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