Dental Implant

The Implant Process

Visit 1. The Titanium Post

The first step of the implant process is placing the titanium post, or implant.  This post, placed by Dr. Thomas Mattern, will serve as the anchor for your new tooth.  From there, it will take 6-12 weeks for the gumline and jawbone to fuse with the implant.  Once this process is complete, you are ready for Step 2: The Abutment.

Visit 2. The Impression

Dr. Wade continues the implant process by taking an impression of the area where the implant has been placed.  This impression is sent to our dental lab, and a custom abutment and crown are made to fit your mouth perfectly.

Visit 3. Seating the Abutment and the Crown

We place the custom abutment and crown at your third visit.  The crown will be attached to the abutment to complete your treatment and provide you with a functional and naturally beautiful smile.

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