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Accelerated Invisalign

Would you rather be in orthodontic treatment for 18 months, or 9? Wait…I have a choice?  What’s the catch?  I get a half-straightened smile if I choose 9 months?...
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A Single Surface Cavity Might Be Treated with a Dental Filling

Contoured areas on your teeth can sometimes trap food particles and plaque. If these bacterial deposits are not removed by your daily oral hygiene regimen, they could increase your...
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Are You Interested in Learning More about Dental Bridges?

The loss of one or more teeth can cause your mouth many unhappy issues, including decreased ability to chew and speak. You may find that receiving a dental bridge...
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Crafting Superior Smiles with Invisalign®

If you require an oral health care treatment to fix misaligned teeth, consider the use of Invisalign® orthodontic aligners. They are extremely effective for straightening crooked teeth and can...
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Keep Your Mouth Healthy to Forego Root Canal Treatment

Root canal infections are generally caused by deep tooth corrosion. Fortunately, although this means that patients usually cause their own chompers to decay, this also means that you can...
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Pearlie White vs. The Tooth Fairy: Chapter 4

Chapter 4   Now, Miss Pearlie White, I’ve had about enough, It seems you can’t keep away from this sugary stuff. You’re here to keep an eye on my...
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Pearlie White vs. The Tooth Fairy: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Oh Pearlie dear, why do you persist? You have now made it to MY naughty list. There’s too much sugar in this world, I fear, We certainly...
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Pearlie White vs. The Tooth Fairy: Chapter 2

  Chapter 2 Dear Pearlie, It’s nice to see you again, but I wanted to check, You do know you’re in a dental office, correct? These ladies are my...
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Pearlie White vs. The Tooth Fairy: An Elf on the Shelf Showdown

  Chapter 1 Oh, look, it’s Miss Pearlie White! She must have come back sometime last night. Elf kisses, she’s left us, and they are free; I wonder how...
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