Over time, you will need to make repairs and adjustments to your dentures to ensure that they work properly and continue to provide you with functional teeth and a beautiful smile.  Payson Premier Dental provides denture relines, rebases, and repairs in Payson, Arizona, to ensure a proper fit for your dentures.  Give us a call at 928-472-8400 for more information, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kristin Wade.

Denture Relines

After you receive dentures, your gum tissue will gradually change, causing the fit of your dentures to become loose.  You should have your dentures professionally relined every 1-2 years to ensure that your appliance remains stable.  Our dentist may provide one of several relines to meet your needs:

  • Hard Denture Relines –a layer of plastic is removed from the interior surface and replaced to fit the new shape of your gum tissue. You should have a hard reline every 2 years.
  • Soft Denture Relines –your denture is relined with soft, pliable material. This is often recommended for patients with tender gums or sore spots.  Our dentist may also recommend implant-supported dentures if you find yourself in this situation.
  • Temporary Relines – this type of reline may be recommended if your mouth is inflamed, or if your denture has not been serviced in some time. They are designed to help your gums return to a more normal state before you receive soft or hard relines or a new denture.

Denture Rebase

If your denture is broken or damaged, has a weakened base, or if an immediate denture in need of replacement, Dr. Kristin Wade can provide denture rebasing.  Rebasing replaces the entire base of the denture without replacing the teeth.

Denture Repair

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kristin Wade immediately if your denture is damaged.  We will repair your appliance to restore it to a nearly-new condition and function, and to prevent it from causing any further damage to your oral health.

Please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions about denture relines, rebasing, and repairs.