Azure Standard – What Is It and How Do I Join?

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Written By: Sarah

Have you ever driven by the Stage parking lot and seen a group of people helping unload the contents of a semi-truck?

This is the Azure Standard Co-Op group from Payson.  I, Sarah, am a part of this group, and I wanted to share this resource with you as a part of our Healthy Mouth Healthy Body blog.  Azure Standard is largest independent natural and organic food distributor in the country, and once a month they make a delivery to Payson.

 Why Do I Order From Azure?
  • Staying within my budget is important to me.  I support local businesses whenever possible, but eating healthy can be pricey.  Azure helps me stay within my budget.
  • It’s EASY.
  • I can buy items in bulk, split them with friends, and save money. (You don’t have to buy items in bulk.)
  • Azure carries items I can’t find in town.
How Does it Work?

Ordering from Azure is very simple: Browse the site, and if you want to place an order just create an account.  You will be prompted to “Find a Drop”:  Choose 04 Payson AZ Drop.  Beth Ann Tatum is the coordinator for Payson, and she will be forwarded your information after you create an account.  She will be in contact with you, and can answer any questions you may have.  You can also call Azure Standard and talk with their reps.

You will know when the truck is coming before you place your order.  Meet everyone in the Stage parking lot at the appointed date and time, help unload the truck and then take your items home.  This entire process has never taken me longer than 20 minutes.  If you can’t meet the truck, it’s okay to have someone else pick up your items for you.

Here’s to baby-stepping our way to better health,